Fictionaut and Me

The lovely Meg Pokrass interviewed me for the Fictionaut Five series. I say some probably annoying things about taking risks in literary magazines, writing about adoption, and going to the bathroom to get “unstuck” writing.

In addition to the interview, there’s an old story of mine that once upon a time won the Mid-American Review Fineline contest. It’s got Genghis Khan, cancer conspiracy theories, and adoption.

Here’s an excerpt: “The movies he liked best were the ones in which white people played Asian leads. Since his girlfriend had left, that Barry was adopted had seemed to become more of a fact.”

Back in the day, judge Ron Carlson said: “This pointed little story pretends to be offering us information while it is really an arch confession of a broken heart. The writer left out everything he could, and the pieces that remain glow.” Vol. XXVIII No. 1 of Mid-American Review.

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