Island Cover

Luca Dipierro‘s beautiful cover for Our Island of Epidemics.

Here’s what Luca said about the book: “I made the cover for a new book . . . (in the Pank Little Books series), which is one of the best things I have read this year, Our Island of Epidemics byMatthew Salesses. I never felt that close to the world of anybody I made art for. You really need to get this book. It’s surreal, imaginative (in a wonderful minor key), and written in a language that is both lyrical and dry. It has the deadpan quality that I like in things. It’s the Television Personalities and Cyrano de Bergerac together. Preorder it here.”

Aw, shucks; thanks!

One thought on “Island Cover

  1. Wow! Okay, I think I left a comment on your other blog that was linked from your bio in Pindeldyboz, but I really really love the Island of Epidemics stuff… so it’s AMAZING that it’s going to be it’s own little collection, and I’m actually kinda stoked because I’d love to buy it so I don’t have to keep clicking around on different links to read them all. Congrats!!!!!!! That’s really kind of awesome!

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