Two Publications

First: Glimmer Train, at last! Ten contributor copies arrived on my doorstep last week. Good feelings. Such a well-produced journal that does so much for its authors. And baby pictures! You can buy Issue 76 here. My story is about a grief ministry, which is a ministry of the Catholic church that sends people out to comfort grievers after a death in the family.

Then:  “Robot Goes to Work,” which appeared in Storyglossia, and “Cirque de Recession,” which appeared in Twelve Stories, were anthologized in Bottom Dog Press’s On the Clock: Contemporary Short Stories on Work, edited by the kind Jeff Vande Zande and Josh Maday. Buy it here. Here’s the press release:

“188 pages of fiction about our working lives

by some of our top writers:

Jim Daniels, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Daniel Orozco, Kennebrew Surant,Rick Attig, Lolita Hernandez, Michael Martone, Matthew Salesses, Matt Bell, M. Kaat Toy, Sean Lovelace, Billie Louise Jones, Lita Kurth, Anne Shewring, Dustin M. Hoffman, Tania Hershman, Nick Kocz, Michael Zadoorian, Steve Himmer, Peter Anderson, Pete Fromm”

Feeling very thankful.

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