Tigers, ligers, and knights, oh my!

Another Love, Recorded column up: “The World is as Insane as Ever.” Cathreen and I visit King Richard’s Faire on 9/11. Ligers (that’s lion + tiger), torture, jousting, unicorns, body odor, and boobs get involved. Not that we do much to stop them.

Here’s an excerpt: “We are reduced to our basest instincts. He pounds a nail into his nose, then pulls it out and licks it. He sticks fish hooks into his eyeballs.”

This is probably my favorite entry yet, I’m not going to lie. The liger in that picture is twelve feet tall when it stands on its back legs.

2 thoughts on “Tigers, ligers, and knights, oh my!

  1. Also, I just read this today. It made me laugh out loud. I didn’t know ligers existed in real life. Does your wife read your all your posts while you’re writing them? 🙂

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