9 thoughts on “Book in a Matt’s hands

    1. This makes me very sad. Hmm. Where have you been looking? What kind of place do you want? The coffee shop I work at does events sometimes in their upstairs “library”, including comedy shows and book clubs… might be able to do a reading of sort, and they serve wine and beer!

      1. I mean, it’s not a bookstore or traditional reading venue or anything but… or if you need other suggestions for the kind of place you’d like?

    1. Always interested in reading! And, 10/22 — let me know. I was going to go to the AAWW Open Mic night (which I go to like every month though), but if you’re doing a thing, I’ll swing by. I feel like we need to be real life friends and not lame internet friends.

      Did I say lame? I mean cool. Awesome. The internet is awesome.

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