Two (3?) Things

HTMLGIANT ran a contest a while back, and one of my stories was a finalist. Now they’ve put the stories up here on a pretty slick website.

Check out the others from Amber Sparks, Kyle Minor, and more folks. Hurrah! And thanks, HTMLGIANT!

Here’s an excerpt from the story, “In My War Novel”: “I’ve seen my wife’s baby pictures. I have to admit she was adorable, and I have to admit that doesn’t make it right to kidnap her.”

In other news, there’s another installment of my column, “Love, Recorded,” up at The Good Men Project Magazine. This one is titled, “The Fall of the Year,” and is about going back to my family’s old summer house in RI and changing and not changing.

Here’s an excerpt of the column: “I write about all this with no goal in mind.”

Come see me read on Sunday or Friday in New York, or the 28th or 11/1 in Boston, or 11/7 in Providence. Sometimes it’s fun to meet people. Events.

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