The Week in Matt

Some updates (sorry this is lazy but I’m busy trying to make my wife eat so she won’t throw up):

The latest installment of the Love, Recorded column is up: “Get the Poop,” in which Cathreen and I make a second trip to the ER and our cat bleeds and we hear the baby’s heartbeat(!) and everything is frightening and still confusing.

Here’s an excerpt: “We have a hundred questions the baby books have scared us into asking. The nurse recommends a different book. Cathreen says she is having heartburn. The nurse recommends some medicine we don’t take because we are afraid of medicine.”

Secondly, a very short story of mine appeared in the debut online issue of Bluestem, along with great stuff by Amber Sparks, B.J. Hollars, Brian Oliu, Ethel Rohan, J. Bradley, Salvatore Pane, and other fine writers. (Thanks, Roxane!) The story is called, “Lovers.” I would excerpt it but it’s eight sentences long.

And lastly, I talked about books on Ravi Mangla’s great Recommended Reading blog.

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