Link Roundup

Here are some links from the world of Matt over the last week:

1. The Wigleaf Top 50 chose the first of the Epidemics stories as one of the 50 best stories under 1000 words published online last year. Lots of good stuff on this list from people who are far more interesting than me. Thanks to Scott Garson and Ravi Mangla and Lily Hoang.

2. I said something about reading and (while?) being snobbish here on Shome Dasgupta’s blog. Thanks, Shome!

3. Chris Newgent is running a contest to win Our Island of Epidemics over at Vouched Books. I will judge tomorrow. Click here and leave a disease in the comments.

4. HTMLGIANT threw Bill Knott week and I popped in for a visit. Kyle Minor assigned me some reading, and I asked Bill two questions he didn’t answer. I don’t think.

5. MAKE Magazine made a couple of my nonfiction pieces available online. Here (“Valentine’s Day”) and here (“5”).

6. For some reason, Ethel Rohan trusted me to blurb her beautiful book, Hard to Say, which is forthcoming from PANK. How badly did I screw it up?

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