Scaredy Cats

Oh, the endless worry that is pregnancy. There’s more craziness in this week’s “Love, Recorded” column, in which we get another ultrasound, Bear jumps into the window pane, and my two cousins are let loose on Boston. “Getting Ready.”

An excerpt:

“You’re very protective of her,” my aunt says. The other day, we went to a noisy bar and I worried about the baby’s hearing. I wonder what I am supposed to do, just hand over our child to Michael Jackson?

In other news, a tiny piece of I’M NOT SAYING, I’M JUST SAYING went up at Blip Magazine (formerly Rick, formerly Mississippi Review online). It’s called, “What’s the Opposite of Succubus?”


Here are two forthcoming anthologies to check out, which I will have work in:

From the mainstream perspective, tired stereotypes about Asian people as model minorities, asexual techno-geeks, hypersexual dragon ladies, or perpetual foreigners still persist–though often concealed behind politically correct slogans like colorblindness and diversity…

The Way We Sleep

Beds are the most intimate of places, where you spend a third of your life (or more if you’re C. James Bye). They are quiet places, they are rambunctious places. Submissions don’t have to be solely about beds and sleep, but should have some image, some theme, some tangent that is bed-related. We will be combining stories and photography into a fantastic little book and we’d like you to be a part of that…

Itch Till It Hurts

The itch is unbearable, so Cathreen goes on steroids, takes the cats, and leaves me in an empty house. Adventures. “The Missing Itch of Dreams.” Love, Recorded.

Here’s an excerpt:

There aren’t even those littler bodies walking around purring, demanding.

Come back this weekend, I tell her. The weekend passes.

Thanks to all those who keep following the column!


Hot Flash

I have two little things in Thunderclap! Magazine‘s latest issue–you can get it as a print thing or free e-book thing here. Thanks to Robert Vaughan.

Also had some good news from The Literarian and nthWORD this week on a few tiny pieces that are part of a bigger piece, called, for now:


Like it?

2 classes with me, what?

I will be teaching two classes soon, that is if people sign up for them and make them happen.

Flash Fiction

Interest in flash fiction has caught fire in the literary world, and this is the perfect class for those ready to try it for themselves. Using a weekly assignment designed to help you create compelling tales in 1,000 words or less, this course will offer class feedback on your work, as well as discussion of published flash fiction masterpieces. Open to all, it’s a great way for veterans to hone their craft, and for beginners to explore imagination’s possibilities. Limited to 12.

Sec. 01: 8 Mondays, 5:45-7:45 pm. Begins Mar. 28, 56 Brattle St.

Getting Published in Lit Mags & eZines

Learn the ins and out of preparing a story or essay for publication in a literary magazine or journal, an important step in building your career as a writer. In the first session, you’ll find out all the basic for submissions to lit mags: dos and don’ts, cover letters, what editors are looking for, how to find the right fit, etc. In the second session, you’ll focus on crafting a strong opening as we discuss how to carry that urgency throughout the story. Motivated students will leave with an idea of how to start a story and what to do with it once it’s ready to submit.

Thursday 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm; 2 sessions starting March 24, 2011, ending March 31, 2011

Improving Pregnancy

“Turning the Corner.” Week 20 brings some improvements, and for a little while, it’s almost like pregnancy is great! The wife can eat, the kitten gets the snip snip, a rash spreads, and we watch a fox date a man. Here’s an excerpt:

This week, we spent 20 hours watching a Korean drama about a girl who is really a kind of ghost, a nine-tailed fox that is said to seduce men and eat their livers. The show reeks of symbolism.

Thanks to those who read it!

Lynne Tillman is still the GMP weekend fiction for now. A great one.