ORIGINS: Our Island of Epidemics by Matthew Salesses (via JMWW)

I talk about the origins of Our Island of Epidemics on the JMWW blog. Thanks to Jen Michalski.

ORIGINS: Our Island of Epidemics by Matthew Salesses In today’s ORIGINS, Matthew Salesses discusses the origins of his chapbook Our Island of Epidemics, which is forthcoming from PANK’s Little Books in October 2010. I was working on a novel, but I needed breaks. I would work on the novel in the morning for two hours, then again at night for two hours. In the afternoon, I wanted immediate gratification. So I decided to write a chapbook. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an idea for a chapbook. I wanted s … Read More

via JMWW

Island Cover

Luca Dipierro‘s beautiful cover for Our Island of Epidemics.

Here’s what Luca said about the book: “I made the cover for a new book . . . (in the Pank Little Books series), which is one of the best things I have read this year, Our Island of Epidemics byMatthew Salesses. I never felt that close to the world of anybody I made art for. You really need to get this book. It’s surreal, imaginative (in a wonderful minor key), and written in a language that is both lyrical and dry. It has the deadpan quality that I like in things. It’s the Television Personalities and Cyrano de Bergerac together. Preorder it here.”

Aw, shucks; thanks!

Cover news for Island

Exciting news. Luca Dipierro has completed the cover art for Our Island of Epidemics.

It’s nuts how good it is. It’s burning a hole in my brain to keep it a secret.

Watch some of Luca’s sentence and book animations on his website. You’ll be hooked.

Thanks, Luca!