My essays have appeared in The Rumpus (2) (3), The New York Times Motherlode blog, NPR‘s Code Switch (2), Salon, the Center for Asian American Media, The Toast, The Millions, Electric Literature, Literary HubThe Offing (2)The Margins, Koream, Thought Catalog, Dewclaw, Make Magazine, The Lit Pub, Flash Fiction Chronicles, The Lifted Brow, the Glimmer Train bulletin, the American Short Fiction blog, Necessary Fiction (2), Stymie Mag, ALIST Magazine, Land of Gazillion Adoptees, Korean American Story (2), Hyphen Magazine, Thanh Nien News, The An-Ya Project, Daddy Cool, Everyday Feminism, Stanford Journal of Asian American Studies, Dads of Disability, and in Where Are You From?, the Thymos Anthology of Asian American Writing.

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For years I wrote a column about my adoption, my Korean wife, our daughter, and our two cats at The Good Men Project. You can read the first essay as a chapbook here as part of the This PDF Chapbook series (Publishing Genius Press).

Contributions to The Good Men Project:

Features (16)


The Sensitive Dude’s Guide to Sports

The End of Gender: What Can We Do As New Parents?

A Good Man from the Past: Betrayer or Betrayed?

Pepper Spray and Police Violence: What Do We Explain Freedom to Our Children?

It’s Linsanity

Yellowface in Cloud Atlas

What I Would Like to Tell Adoptive Parents (About Answers): A Letter from an Adoptee

How the Rules of Racisms Are Different for Asian Americans

Goodbye, Radiolab: The Fact of the Matter of Storytelling

Asian American Men and Masculinity: A Conversation

Raising a Daughter in 1950s America, Today

20 Rules for Good (and Healthy) Internet Citizenship

Where Our Voices End and the System Begins

The Place Where We Were

The Powers that Beast: What Is the Adoptee Voice Worth?

How Can Asian America Ever Be Represented in (White) American Media

Love Recorded Column (68)

Bobbing for Kimchi

Boise, Cathreen, and a Circuit Board of Dreams

A Period of Lassitude

Boise the Hunter

History Lesson

Houses We Can’t Afford

For Husbands to Please Their Wives

The World Is as Insane as Ever

Five Trips to the Bunghole and I am the Shit

The Fall of the Year

It’s Nice to See Your Family Waiting at the Door

X-Ray on Fire

I’m Pregnant

Get the Poop

The Numbers of Hummingbirds

Early Risk Assessment

Bear Our Angry Faces

All Around the Womb

The Fragile Vessel

Turning the Corner

How Rare and Momentous

The Missing Itch of Dreams

Getting Ready

Yes, Honey

Full Term

What to Do When the Baby Stops Moving

One Father’s Birth Story

10 Things Every New Father Should Know

What I Have Learned About Babies

A Story Without a Baby, a Near Drowning

What It Means to Be Baptized

Strange Love or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Respect the Baby

Early Childhood Education

Best of 2011: My Daughter

25 Ways of Thinking About the Holidays

Don’t Tell Me We Make Our Own Luck

What Korea Means to Me

Beauty for Babies

How (Not) to Sleep Train Your Baby

Say Bye-Bye to Daddy

Once Upon a Time

In the Mouth

The Nature of Time and Babies

Donjanchi Means…

Baby and Cats

Bringing a Baby to a Wedding

Returning to Baby World

How to Tell a True Baby Story

The Reason We Stopped Eating Rice Is Love (and Poison)

Baby Stuff

Voting for Humanity

What Should We Be Thankful For?

Fear in America

I Will Be Alone but Not Alone

The Return of Love

Fear in Watertown

Mother’s Day, not Father’s Day

Father’s Day/Week/Life

Put the Canoe in the Paddle

25 Ways Moving Is as Stressful as Death

Sensory Issues

Give Me My Smartphone or Give Me Death

Halloween Is for White People

Zombie Holiday

A Civilized Christmas

The Ways We Talk, the Ways We Listen


The Fortune Cookie as Parent