Short Fiction

Selected Stories

“How to Greet the Mother Who Bore You.” Day One. Issue 2.37.

“All-American Bear Terrorizes Canada.” West Branch. Issue 71.

“High Schools, or How to Be Asian American.” Guernica. July 2012.

“In My War Novel.” HTMLGIANT. 2010. Read on Fictionaut (Finalist, So Many Books Contest; Runner-up, The University of New Orleans Study Abroad Programs Writing Contest.)

“The Grief Ministry.” Glimmer Train. Issue 76. (Third Prize, Family Matters Contest.)

“How to Plant a Dog.” Witness. Vol. XXIII.

“The Last Seal Pup.” The Literary Review. Vol. 53, No. 1. Read.

“Corporal Dickenson is in Jail.” Pleiades. Vol. 29, No. 1.

“How to Be a Conquerer.” Mid-American Review. Vol: XXVIII, No. 1. (First Prize, 2007 Fineline Contest.) Read on Fictionaut.

Stories included above qualified as a finalist for the 2012 Flannery O’Connor Award.

Other published stories:
“The Russian Coat.” Midnight Breakfast. Issue 1. March 2014. “Inside the Inside of the Green Monster.” PEN/Guernica Flash Fiction Series. January 2014; “The Eastern Western.” Birkensnake. Issue 6; “At the Gates of Beijing, 1213 AD.” The Man Date: Fifteen Bromance Stories (Prime Mincer, 2013); “William Henry Harrison.” Their Peculiar Ambitions. Melville House blog. September 2012; “Watercolors.” Korean American Story. March 2012; “A Korean Fairy Tale.” Fairy Tale Review. The Grey Issue; “The Mercy Hospital Vampire.” Quarterly West. Issue 70/71; “A Happy Story.” Thunderclap Magazine. Issue 5; “Literary Rejections Applied.” Thunderclap Magazine. Issue 5; “Slowed Time, Normal Time.” Kartika Review. Issue 8; “Bernhardt or Yeti.” Night Train Magazine. December 2010; “Lovers. Bluestem Magazine. Winter 2010/11; “How to Be a Literary Figure.” Johnny America. Issue 8; “The Grotesque.” Torpedo. Issue 7; “The Fathers.” Going Down Swinging. No. 29. (Reprinted in 1 am project.); “Marriage Seasons.” Picture Postcard Press; “Cirque de Recession.” Twelve Stories. Issue 2. (Anthologized in On the Clock, Bottom Dog Press, 2010.); “If This Reaches You.” Etchings. Vol. 7; “Mongolia, New York, Prague, Krakow.” The Collagist. Issue 1; “Fraser Island.” Press 1. Vol. 3, No. 2. (Anthologized in The Red Room: Writings from Press 1, 2010.); “Robot Goes to Work.” Storyglossia. Issue 33. (Anthologized in On the Clock, Bottom Dog Press, 2010.); “The Lady of the Reef.” Hot Metal Bridge. Spring 2009; “A Wikipedia Entry: Trichotillomania.” Lamination Colony. Spring 2009; “Physiological Drought.” Prick of the Spindle. Vol 3, No. 1. (Anthologized in The Way We Sleep, Left Field Press, forthcoming 2012.); “Curve.” elimae. 2009:03; “Donuts.” elimae. 2009:03; “Cannibals on a Yacht.” Flatmancrooked. March 2009. (Anthologized in Anthology of Great New Writing Done During An Economic Depression, 2009.); “How to Be a Cannibal.” Flatmancrooked. March 2009. (Anthologized in Anthology of Great New Writing Done During An Economic Depression, 2009.); “Nicky Boy and Baby Girl Are Illustrated.” American Short Fiction. March 2009; “Six Ways I Want to Die.” Six Sentences. February 2009; “Sorry for Breaking in.” Boston Literary Magazine.Winter 2008; “To Choke Up Like That.” Pank. Vol. 3, No. 3; “The Swap.” Lost Magazine. Issue 26; “Stone.” Front Porch. Issue 7; “Dances with Dogs.” Quick Fiction. Issue 13. (Reprinted in North Shore Art Throb.); “Dangling Modifiers in Honor of Christmas.” Monkeybicycle. December 2007; “Captain Cook Discovers Australia.” Hobart. August 2006