Praise for Matthew’s Teaching

Matthew teaches fiction & nonfiction for Inprint, Writespace, & Grub Street.
He is also available as a book doctor/consultant/editor. Email him for an estimate.

“Matt is great at pinpointing what the story is trying to be and guiding us in a focused discussion so that I learned as much from others’ workshops as I did from my own.”

“Made me excited about writing in a way that I have never been previously.”

“More effective and helpful than many of my creative writing classes as an undergrad.”

“I learned a lot from Matt over the span of this course, and no matter what the discussion evolved into, he had ingenious reference points and guidance that enriched it. Matt was also a ton of fun, which is really important for me when learning.”

“I intend to use all of the strategies that he gave us. They are already posted over my desk.”

“Mathew was organized, efficient without being officious. He clearly had a strong game plan on how to best get the information across to us. Yet he still took the time to answer specific revision questions and kept the class engaged in the process, not only by having us read and discuss the pages we brought in to be revised but also through examples he brought to class which demonstrated the processes he was discussing.”

“Practical and applied, with clear examples from published literature provided to demonstrate any theory. Chance to share in workshop setting and also practice all tools on work in progress.”

“I will take a lot of the recommended steps to revision when I rework stories. I thought some of them were fresh, new ideas and can be very helpful.”

“He knew his subject very well, and was very organized in his delivery of the subject matter. The seminar was well-timed so we were able to get everything in the allotted time.”

“This seminar gave me clear, doable strategies to improve each draft and increase the likelihood that my work will find an audience and isn’t that what every writer wants?”

“I am going to work on the stories I wrote in class and keep writing flash.”

“I have been wanting to try fiction and this class gave me the courage to believe I have reason to spend more time with this medium. The discussion of the four elements of a good story (desire, stakes, conflict, change) was really helpful and I know that will help me in whatever I write from now on.”

“Matthew was able to keep the class on track, even when forces seemingly beyond his control tried to spiral us off topic . . . I think that is an invaluable asset.”

“Matthew clearly has a strong background and base of knowledge in flash fiction and he has a very nice way of sharing that, while also opening the floor for students’ thoughts and inputs.”

“Very interesting and unusual material. It opened up a whole area for me that I haven’t seen addressed well in books. Quite different from other craft sessions I’ve taken . . . and I really liked this about it.”

“It was very collegial and relaxed. Pretty much everyone felt comfortable participating. The readings were relevant and illustrative of the points being discussed.”

“The instructor provided numerous examples of varying styles. I’ve been revising my own work with some of the techniques in mind.”

“Lot’s of good concrete advice.”

“Knowledgeable, personable, supportive, calm, and well organized. Thank you.”

Teaching kids: from a collaboration between The Good Men Project and 826 Boston