The Good Men Project

Press release: The Good Men Project is men telling their stories in their language. It’s men sharing and searchingfor their good. And it’s an unfolding and limitless conversation about what good means, what the good man can be.


My contributions to The Good Men Project Magazine:



The Sensitive Dude’s Guide to Sports


Bobbing for Kimchi

Boise, Cathreen, and a Circuit Board of Dreams

A Period of Lassitude

Boise the Hunter

History Lesson

Houses We Can’t Afford

For Husbands to Please Their Wives

The World Is as Insane as Ever

Five Trips to the Bunghole and I am the Shit

The Fall of the Year

It’s Nice to See Your Family Waiting at the Door

X-Ray on Fire

I’m Pregnant

Get the Poop

The Numbers of Hummingbirds

Early Risk Assessment

Bear Our Angry Faces

All Around the Womb

The Fragile Vessel

Turning the Corner

How Rare and Momentous

The Missing Itch of Dreams

Getting Ready